Perhaps one day I'll put a price tag on these... until then.. Enjoy! 14



15.10.2018 02:19

This is my favorite so far, your work really is amazing!


15.10.2018 02:34

Outside of Glacier national park... I'm glad you're enjoying them.. lots more that haven't made their way into the site.... pick one.. and I'll put it on canvas for you.. keapnw@gmail

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30.10 | 16:06

Kelly… I love this!!! So it’s true. When you’re least expecting it. There they are!!!

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27.12 | 21:17

Vielen Dank für die äußerst sympathische Begegnung auf dem Main Tower in Frankfurt und die Unterstützung beim Fotografieren. Ich habe Ihre künstlerische Ader auf den ersten Blick erkannt! :D

14.12 | 06:08

That was an exciting novel,one worth reading and inspiring, your word's have an elegant style to the story.
Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your voyage of a lifetime.
Sailing !!!

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